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Chess Computer Revelation II


Chess Computer Revelation II

Designed for your ultimate chess playing experience Revelation II is the perfect combination of a luxurious wooden chess board and integrated chess computer system developed in the Netherlands by Digital Game Technology and Phoenix Chess Systems. The tournament size chess board is an innovative DGT sensor board with individual piece recognition and inlaid LED lights to indicate the chess moves. The green OLED display and six large keys give this stand-alone system a classic menu controlled operation available in English, French, German, Dutch and Spanish. Complete it with your personal choice of hand carved electronic DGT chess pieces. Play against the strongest chess programs Play at a real wooden board and pieces Analyse your games using famous world class chess engines Play against internet opponents Broadcast your games live via the internet Optional Retro Engines available Revelation II unites multiple super strong commercial and freeware chess engines resulting in a great diversity in computerized chess play at ELO levels up to 2800 and above. Chess engines run on Revelation II but can also run on the PC through the wireless Bluetooth UCI Server. With the option to add more engines and with upgrade possibilities for additional Flash Storage, stronger (Multi Core) CPU and new software or hardware add-ins, your chess pleasure is guaranteed future proof! Optional Retro Software is available that allows Revelation II users to play against nostalgic chess computers from the past. The Retro Software will take you back to the 1980's and 1990's when the first chess computer were released, adding even more flavor and diversity to your ultimate chess playing experience. For more information see the Retro Software User Manual. Challenge yourself by challenging the Revelation for your ultimate chess playing experience!

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